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D.R.E.A.M (Discover Really Exciting Aspirations Manifesting)

Many will attempt to persuade you that you cannot succeed

Because of your path or even because of the math, the odds that is

Let’s get statistics, I mean, let’s get specific

Only a certain amount of people throughout their life makes over a certain dollar amount

I guess if you repeat it you’ll surely believe it, no doubt

Few choose to look into the depth of their own soul

Unfold the greatness and wisdom, which lies within to allow one’s heart and mind to ascend

Cause if they don’t support your vision a true friendship is missing

I chose to leave those mentally caught up in a prison

Just because you failed to actualize your potential

To strive for heights that are monumental

Don’t belittle the aspirations, dreams, or goals of another

Because you had your chance

Shit you still do

So as long as you’re living you’ll have something to prove

Not to the world, your family, or anyone else

We only need to prove that we lived out our life’s purpose to ourselves.