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The Inkosi Story

Inkosi Clothing Co. is an American luxury fashion house founded by Clinton Inkosi. Inkosi Clothing Co. San Francisco is the first of many locations for the upstart fashion brand. Each collection has a distinct connection to the life and experiences of our founder Clinton Inkosi.

Founded in 2016, based on Mr. Inkosi’s beliefs that “WE ARE ALL ROYALTY” and luxury is for everyone, Inkosi Clothing Co. presented the Inkosi Classic Collection to the public. This collection consists of luxury designer t-shirts, tank tops, hats, yoga pants, and more. Inkosi Clothing Co. has quickly become one of the world’s most prominent custom clothing and apparel online stores.

In 2017, Inkosi has created several collections for men, women, and children’s clothing. To date there are approximately 9 collections showcasing world class designs and functional luxury clothing. At Inkosi, luxury is life and luxury is for everyone. That is why our premium luxury goods are sold to our clients at a much lower price point than many traditional luxury brands. We provide a luxury brand with reasonable prices so that you can always look and feel great. 


Love & Respect,

Inkosi Clothing Co