AIr Jordan 14 Winterized Release

The all new Nike Air Jordan 14 has been hyped heavily for its winterized edition. Though officially called the 'Lil Nike' this midtop basketball shoe is all set to unleash on October 16th as a member of the highly hyped Nike Air Jordan 14-Year Game Package. Unveiled as a part of Nike's Halloween 2021 collection, the winterized edition of the Air Jordan 14 is set to arrive just before the start of the NBA season. Few other versions of this basketball shoe have ever been winterized, though the practice of doing so has been done on and off for over a decade with the late 1990s introduction of the 'Lil Nike' series.

This particular version of Air Jordan footwear has been given its much-needed makeover to better suit the demands of today's players and athletes. This high-quality basketball shoe features the signature rubbers on the outside as well as synthetic-leather uppers. The inclusion of rubber in the uppers gives the Air Jordan 14 the much-needed traction that every good basketball shoe should have. This is especially important when you consider that this particular shoe is designed to offer maximum comfort both during and after strenuous exercise.

Though it is not known officially how many pairs of Air Jordan 14's have been made available as part of the 'Lil Nike' series, general reports suggest that as many as one-third of all pairs in the market are based on this version of the basketball sneaker. The main difference between this sneaker and all others manufactured by Nike is the fact that it is made in this winterized color. In keeping with tradition, Nike has also made great efforts to incorporate the Air Jordan logo into the design of the basketball sneaker. The Air Jordan logo is embossed across the sole of the sneaker, which makes this basketball shoe even more impressive. Are you copping the new Jordan 14s?

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