Is Kanye West A Fashion Icon?

Is Kanye West A Fashion Icon?
Kanye West is one of the most prolific, and controversial, hip-hop recording artists of all time. He has been nominated for Grammys five times, making him one of the most successful and well respected artists in the industry. West was an important part of the underground hip hop culture that was dominating the charts back in the early 90's before having mainstream success. With the success of Kanye West the rap game changed forever. But what is he capable of achieving in the fashion industry?

Kanye West is a very knowledgeable, and smart businessman. He knows that the clothing business has to cater to the younger generation of today, and the hip hop and rap styles of today need to sound hip. With this in mind West set out to create new clothing lines for teens and young adults that would cater to their style and taste. The best thing about West is his desire to be the very best. When it comes to fashion, there's not much that you can say that's revolutionary.

Even though West is a great artist many people still think of him as a hip-hop pioneer. A lot of his songs act as a voice of reason against drugs, sex slavery, and even racism. He tells us that we need to fight for our rights and show each other strength. The message is very simple; fight for your freedom, be proud of your heritage and most of all do not give up. West is a great example to follow when it comes to being true to yourself.

Many younger people tend to turn to fashion and music for inspiration. The great thing about hip hop is you don't have to follow the trends. In fact there have been many cases where those wearing of conformable clothing have become quite popular and in trend. People often wear non-mainstream clothes to shock others to not judge them so harshly.

There's no denying that West has had a huge impact on the industry. Everyone from superstars like Jay Z to lesser-known artists are making a name for themselves. West is a great example of this. He has made many controversial statements over the years, but he continues to be quite influential as well. Kanye West is definitely a fashion icon.

One of the most influential in the hip-hop world is Pharrell. A lot of people attribute their success to Pharrell but it really was something else. He helped launch the careers of many popular artists including the Pusha T, Kelis, and many others all way making an impact in the fashion industry with his Billionaire Boys Club line. He has also been responsible for many of the styles that are popular today.

In hip hop and fashion there's a lot of difference between appreciation and satire. Kanye West is a great example of this. His clothing is outrageous and controversial yet stylish. People appreciate his sense of humor as well. This combination of great taste and great popularity makes him a true fashion icon.

It's easy to criticize celebrities and fashion icons all the time but when you look at what they have done for their art, they deserve the praise and sometimes even the criticism. Kanye West epitomizes excellence in hip-hop music and fashion, though some may disagree with his taste. His success is a testament to how a person can combine entertainment with excellent fashion. People who don't pay attention to what he does probably think he's just another rapper/producer with a big mouth.

Kanye West is a hip-hop artist who has not only influenced many other artists but has managed to influence a generation of music fans and fashion freaks. This is one reason to respect him as a fashion icon. People tend to look at the lyrics, and the popularity but not at the impact that he has made on music and design. The man has put out many records that have become hits and made him a hip hop and music icon. Not only that, his clothing lines and sneaker drops have been successful as well.

Kanye West is definitely one of today's most fashionable men and women. He is respected by his peers and critics alike. He has proven that with enough creativity and genius, any style can be created. When people question whether he is a fashion icon or not, they should keep in mind all of the accolades that he's received and start to appreciate what he has done while he's still here.

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