What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will It Change The World?

What is Artificial Intelligence? At its most basic level, Artificial Intelligence is a system that models the behavior of a real entity or individual to gain a better understanding of how they would act in certain situations. In essence, this means that it can approximate human behavior and make predictions about future behavior. While this is far from a sure thing, it has the potential to be a very powerful tool. Just what is Artificial Intelligence? And how will it change the world? Wikipedia: "Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that studies the ability of computers and machines to perform given tasks. It combines these areas of study with information science to develop programs that can process large amounts of data and general intelligence." Oxford dictionary: "Artificial Intelligence is the application of computer science to the study of intelligence. (imate) "The field of artificial intelligence has received a great deal of attention since the 1970s. It is concerned with the development of intelligent systems, such as computer programs that can beat games or programs that can beat human players at chess." This may seem like a fairly broad definition but it is the basis for all of the current research and advancements in the field. Today we can easily simulate intelligent computers and robots. We even have computer chips that are able to think and reason like humans. However, we are still quite a ways away from being able to program a computer brain with every possible thought and decision that a human brain could make. Still, scientists are hard at work trying to make computers more intelligent. What is Artificial Intelligence? If you believe the definition above, you will likely be very interested in Artificial Intelligent Systems. In a nutshell, such a system will be able to solve problems by attempting to solve them with the best possible solution given their past experience and knowledge. Such a system will gather data and incorporate it into an attempt to create new and better methods for future solve problems. Thus, such a system would be able to solve problems that were beyond the ability of man. Still, many are opposed to the use of artificial intelligence. The main problem they point out is that we are stuck in a loop of self-reinforcing actions and outcomes. Thus, the artificial intelligent computer or robot will never stop re-creating itself or stop running on a closed track. It is highly likely that within 100 years we will have created an artificial intelligence system that is so advanced that it will be able to run the government and businesses without any input from humans. Still, the greatest fear that most people have is that artificial intelligence will take over and start to do everything. This will render us irrelevant and will render our life obsolete. In fact, many fear that we will be turned into a machine. What is Artificial Intelligence and How Does it Play Against Humans? Well, artificial intelligence will help your computer to understand natural language, learn about the world around it, store large amounts of data, process it in a manner that is safe for you and your computer and even give you advice. We cannot yet know all that the artificially intelligent computers will do but one thing is for sure they will not be as friendly as humans will be towards them. Will there be a day when artificial intelligence will be so advanced that it will be able to beat the smartest person on earth? Well that may be possible someday but as of today if you were able to create something that was smarter than human and had the money to buy it, you would not be in a position to own the product. So you see artificial intelligence is nothing more than science fiction. It may be a while before we see artificial intelligence in action but I am sure that day is closer than you think.

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