What is the Most Expensive Car In The World?

What is the Most Expensive Car in the World? There are so many cars to choose from when you ask what is the most expensive car in the world. But before you get lost in the choices, you might want to know some basic information about each vehicle on your list. Most expensive cars fall into one of three categories - sports cars, luxury vehicles, and coupes. Luxury vehicles, of course, are probably the most expensive vehicles in the world. And the more luxurious a car is, the higher its estimated value.

Most expensive car in the world
Some of the Most Expensive Cars in the World include: The Mercedes Benz Maybach, the Rolls Royce Ghost, and the Bugatti Veyron. These cars all share a common component. They are all sporty, luxury vehicles with high performance engines. The most expensive car in the world for these three models is the Bugatti Veyron is third with an estimated worth of just over $18.7 million.

So what makes these luxury cars so expensive? There are several factors that set these luxury cars apart from their more basic counter parts, including superior materials and technology, superior design, superior performance, and so on. While supercars do have their advantages, they also come with a heavy price tag, which puts them out of reach of many common people who want to experience the sheer speed, class, and comfort of these types of supercars.

So let's get down to business. What makes these sports cars so expensive? Actually there are several factors that contribute to their steep cost of entry into the global luxury car market. One is the new materials and technology they are built with. The new body styles, bumpers, and wheels of today's sports cars are far different than those of decades ago. Each year that a new model is released, these advances in design can be seen in all of the new sports cars, which are often twice as fast, and nearly double in weight.

Another factor that contributes to the price of these high-end sports cars is the styling. In order to achieve a more aggressive stance and look, high-end versions of these sports cars often incorporate swept-wing wings and hydro-planing engines.

The high-end materials used in these luxurious vehicles are also contributing factors to the costly of these automobiles. The most expensive car in the world is, in fact, one very humble, no longer in production Lincoln Town car, but a new Lincoln Continental. It features an aluminum frame, high-end performance parts, a full complement of luxury features such as a navigation system, power windows, door handles, and air conditioning, and a leather interior. This Lincoln's base model is priced at just over three thousand dollars, and it comes equipped with a six-speaker stereo, Lincoln license plate frames, and alloy wheels.

Now back to the Bugatti: the Bugatti Veyron to be exact. The Veyron carries a horsepower rating of nearly seven thousand horses, and it is equipped with a grand touring package that features Brembo brakes, suspension, and a lightweight front and rear bumper. The Bugatti is powered by a twin-turbocharged engine, and it produces 1200 horsepower. It is not hard to see why the Veyron receives over three million clicks per month, or about forty million horsepower.

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