What Type Of Panties Should You Wear?

What Type of Panties Should You Wear?

If you are a woman who is just getting started in finding sexy panties then there are many choices out there. First, some terminology to help you in choosing sexy panties! Panties is the plural form of the word "panties" it comes from the French word "pantie" which means underpants. Boy shorts are also technically panties, but boy shorts come in boy shorts style and cut, whereas panties have a look of briefs or underwear not shorts.

Boy shorts are usually a short type of panty that falls down around the waist area. They are typically tight around the waist so that your body con is held up. Thongs are similar except they have less fabric and they have a leg up at the bottom of the panties. There are many types of thongs including the bikini thong, which creates an extension of the woman's body to her top.

 Boy shorts and thongs are two types of panties that create different coverage than the traditional lace styles. Lace can be quite distracting with a low cut top, because it rides up and creates an "oops" type appearance at the top of the panty. However, with a lace top and the addition of boy shorts or thongs it is  less noticeable. For a more conservative look,  lace just is not necessary. There are many fabrics that work very well to create less coverage. Satin is one example of a fabric that creates less coverage but still looks luxurious.

When looking at what type of panties you should wear, you can find boy shorts, twill overalls, full panties, and even g-strings. G-strings are a good choice for women that want some coverage, but they don't want to have to wear full panties all day. Some g-strings are made with special materials that help keep them cool when worn. They can be worn alone or under short pants to create a sexy look. 

Choosing the right size is important when buying comfortable underwear. It is important to get the correct measurement for your body. You will need the correct size plus an additional two inches. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right pair of panties. Online stores like inkosiclothingco.com and others are a great way to buy comfortable underwear.

No matter what your preferences are, there are plenty of pairs of panties to choose from online. One thing to keep in mind is to choose breathable material, such as cotton or panties that have a cotton liner. When you sweat, you will want to wear material that is not going to stick to your skin, such as nylon. Nylon can become uncomfortable and can irritate your skin if worn for too long. Enjoy your search for the perfect panties.

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